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SharePoint 2013 PowerShell&Javascript helper scripts

This list of powershell and javascript scripts helps me to communicate with SharePoint with administrator tools The main purpose of this project is to store scripts for my own use and for storing my code from blogs:

PowerShell Scripts

Backup_Farm_Databases - this script gets local farms databases, connects to SQL Server and backups farm databases into the structure of folders

Create_Demo_Users_AD - this script creates a list of users in Active Directory by defined objects with properties

Download_SharePoint_Prerequisites - this script is downloading SharePoint 2013 prerequisites to a folder for an offline instalation of SharePoint 2013

Export_Farm_Solutions - this script gets all farm solutions (wsp) in current SharePoint 2013 farm and makes a structured copy in File System. It is very important like a part of backups in SharePoint

Retract_Install_Solution - this script retracts existed farm solution if it exists and installs the new version of solution.

Start_Install - this script starts the installation of SharePoint with offline downloaded prerequisites

GAC Retract_Install - this script istalls library in to GAC and retracts it from GAC


UpdateJSLink- this script sets the value of JSLink for selected field in a list or a web

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